To many travelers, Africa is the dream had in armchair travel sessions. But as the world has become seemingly smaller, Africa is now a travel reality for those seeking wild places still harboring undiscovered gems.

Safari Pros was founded in 2012 by a small group of today’s members; each of who raised concern over the dilution of the necessary expertise to plan a traveler’s once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa. In particular, to design a safari using partners who demonstrate a measurable impact on both conservation and community.

Born out of this shared ideology and a belief in responsible tourism, this collective of nationally recognized award-winning African travel specialists constitute the 501(c)6 non-profit Safari Pros group. For each of us, our end goal is a journey of extraordinary experiences for our travelers while knowing that the partners we support in each country are equally as dedicated to both our travelers and the well being of the wilderness they protect and the communities with whom they work. These dedicated field partners are often directly responsible for the welfare of the region’s people and wildlife – what a tremendous honor and responsibility, and one that we fervently support.

An African safari, a trip relegated to dream status for many, is fast becoming a reality as the continent becomes more accessible and information is more attainable. But with that increased popularity, it is even more crucial than ever to tease out the genuine travel experiences, which make this legendary trip exceptional. Under the tutelage of a Safari Pros, it is possible, and our goal, for you to unveil a wild, real place which touches the deepest part of your soul.