Blood Lions

A team of film-makers and conservationists along with Ian Michler, has just released a new film called 'Blood Lions' aiming to shed light on the industry of breeding lions for canned hunts.

by Safari Pros Membership
Published August 18, 2015

As a travel and conservation based organization, we find the recently released “Blood Lions” documentary is deeply disturbing. Despite being hard to watch, we urge people to get out there and see it. It is important to shed light on the dark and corrupt business of rearing lions for the purposes of hunting, in hopes of making a positive change. As we polled our membership, we found that individually each of our companies have chosen to stop booking all activities that contribute to this industry. Collectively, we feel compelled to make a formal statement. If you would like to know more please visit

The Safari Professionals of the Americas is an organization of 30 tour operators based in the United States and Canada who specialize in photographic safaris to Africa, and are responsible for generating millions of dollars in tourism revenue to the continent.  We do not condone the captive breeding of lions for the purposes of commercial exploitation, and we are opposed to any associated activities such as encouraging tourists to pet and / or walk with these animals for a fee.  

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