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Mazinyane Preschool
Rural community outside of Kruger National, Mpumalanga, South Africa
In 1998, staff of Reservations Africa started delivering school supplies to a rural village outside the Kruger National Park. Four ladies from the village were operating a small preschool for some 40 children out of a very basic one-room church. Soon we had inundated them with so many school supplies that they asked us for a preschool so that they could have somewhere to put all the "stuff" we brought them. The village chief donated land and construction began in 2001 and by May 2002, we opened a school which had 3 classrooms, cafeteria, kitchen and a principal's office. At the opening ceremonies we made a commitment to the community that we would continue to fund and improve the school. Since 2002 we have added industrial kitchen appliances, running water, electricity, flush toilets, playground equipment, flat screen TV's and DVD players for all the classrooms. 2 new classrooms have been added for a total of 5 and our enrolment ranges between 400-450 children. Many children now come from neighboring communities as we turn no child away. The children receive a cold breakfast, hot lunch and snack to take home. In addition to sustaining the school, small salaries are paid to the 18 staff members. We are currently building a nursery on the same property as the pre-school and then we will be able to look after children from 0-7 yrs. We are all about empowering women and this will assist the women of the community as they will be able to continue their education, or continue to work, or look for work knowing their children are in a healthy and safe environment.

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