We work only with partners who strive to conserve the beauty and well being of the continent and understand the vital role tourism plays in conserving Africa’s wilderness and the livelihood of its people.

It is our belief that the responsibility of the tourism industry is to steward the land and people on which the industry relies. It is simply not sustainable to make a livelihood off a place without looking after its welfare. The existence of Africa’s wild places rests entirely upon a model where both wildlife and people benefit and co-exist.

In addition to choosing responsible partners in each country who share our values, by planning your trip with one of us, you are also supporting numerous ( and highly vetted) philanthropic organizations.  Our members support (financial and in-kind) a wide range of conservation and community organizations. Your travel choice matters to Africa.

When you return from your African safari, you may well feel the very real and compelling desire to give back. This is because the raw beauty of both the people and the land tends to permeate deep into your soul. Once bitten by the Africa bug, please consider helping to safeguard the conservation of Africa’s wild places.