Rhino Boma Rebuilt

Safari Pros is so proud to have contributed to the rebuilding of this important enclosure in Botswana. We recently received the following letter from Map Ives - Director, Rhino Conservation Botswana.

by Safari Pros Membership
Published October 16, 2015

Dear Safari Professionals of America,

As you all know, I have been involved with conservation here in Botswana for the last thirty years, including being part of the processes that developed the Okavango Delta Management Plan under the RAMSAR Convention and then having the delta listed as a World Heritage Site in 2014. For the last fifteen years, I have worked alongside the Botswana Government and Wilderness Safaris on a huge and massively important rhino conservation project which is trans-locating both southern white rhino and south central black rhino from South Africa and Zimbabwe to Botswana where they are being released back into the wild. This project, which is widely acclaimed in conservation circles, is now seen as a major component in the strategy to ensure a secure and sustainable future for these species on the African continent.

The success of this rhino project and much of conservation here in Botswana is based on wide ranging partnerships and collaborations. Rather uniquely, we have put together a coalition of caring people from both the private sector and government from many countries. These include the conservation agencies in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana as well as the security services from Botswana and the expertise supplied by veterinarians from three countries. None of this would be possible without the drive, commitment and passion for conservation expressed by the safari, conservation and tourism organizations such as your group who care so much for the wildlife of this unique area. I think that it is very important that all your members know, and appreciate, that your involvement in all of this forms one of the critical legs which holds it all together. Your members passion for this continent and it’s wild places goes without saying, but I think that it is also imperative that you highlight the role your travelers play in conservation which makes projects like ours sustainable. The success of tourism in Africa and in Botswana allows travel organizations to support my field teams both financially and through major logistical support, not to mention the incredible help they give us with simple life supporting details like a cold beer in the evenings.

I would personally like to pass on my sincere thanks to all members of the Safari Professionals of America, most of whom I know and respect, and the gratitude of my team members for the ongoing support and commitment to tourism and conservation in Africa. It really is a good feeling to know that we have the support of people like yourselves and your travelers who really care!

Thanks and onwards,
Map Ives
Director – Rhino Conservation Botswana
National Rhino Coordinator – Republic of Botswana

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