Maasai village eye clinic near Ngorongoro

December 20, 2019

In 2019, Safari Pros awarded Nomad Tanzania with a grant to run a Maasai village eye clinic in Ngorongoro.  Nomad Tanzania arranged for doctors and eye specialists to go to remote Maasai communities and offer eye tests, give out glasses & medicines, and perform operations in the field. At the same time Nomad Tanzania ran health education for all participants.  The Maasai living in the Ngorongoro area, are prone to eye conditions due to the dry dusty conditions, their typical style of cooking inside unventilated ‘boma’ housing, and the lack of accessible health clinics and eye care nearby.  The Maasai communities are extremely receptive and grateful for this program. Many do not have the funds, knowledge, or freedom to seek help for health issues and eye conditions.


Through this program Nomad Tanzania offer opportunities to receive otherwise inaccessible health care, that provides lifelong benefits. Improving the access to basic health services, communities are able to get tested and treated for medical conditions and receive health education that works to prevent possible health aliments in future.