Making a difference at Mwaroni School, Kenya

December 20, 2019

The partnership between Land & Life Foundation and Safari Professionals, which began in 2018, has been instrumental in facilitating local development in Mwaroni Primary School, Diani and has also played a significant role in supporting our Wildlife Warrior Scholarship program.

Last year, Safari Pros purchased a photocopier and printing papers for Mwaroni. This enables the school to adequately prepare their students for their national examination through the distribution of research materials and internal exams. The photocopier also serves to ensure the school is able to administer the final exams as directed and provided by the Kenyan examination council. Funds were also channeled towards the sponsorship of two male students (Kassim Katiba Nzao and Joel Joab Mutugi) who were awarded the Wildlife Warrior scholarship early this year as they joined high school. The sponsorship helps to cover 75% of their school tuition fees for every school term.

At the end of each year, the scholarship students (currently 41 students) from across the country attend the Wildlife Warrior retreat. The students debate key national conservation issues, see different wildlife habitats as well as meeting and hearing from conservation stakeholders themselves about the main challenges and successes of wildlife tourism in various parts of the country. Thanks to the funds received, both Kassim and Joel will be able to take part in this year’s retreat as well as that of 2020. Additional funds were channeled towards Mwaroni’s projects; earmarked for ICT advancement and training. The school has 21 teachers who teach over 700 students. However, 90% of the teachers lack basic ICT knowledge and who score lowly in computer literacy. Our contribution has therefore, been used to offer computer and ICT training to the Mwaroni faculty.