Seed germination at Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

January 8, 2020

The generous funds supplied to us by Safari Professionals was devoted to the optimization of seed germination and seedling and sapling preparation in our nursery. The funds have allowed Bisate Lodge to employ an extra member of the community full time over the last 6 months and to substantially increase the number of trees in the nursery.

While our bamboo propagation experiments have been frustrating, we have enjoyed excellent success at germinating seeds of Hagenia, Hypericum, Dombeya and Lobelia seeds in the nursery and currently have perhaps 50 000 seedlings and saplings in the nursery ready for planting as soon as the land has been acquired and local people have finished their crop harvests.

In addition to the above employment and expanded focus on seed germination and seedling care, they also used part of the donated funds to repair and improve the nursery. This was principally in new roofing material to protect the seedlings from the sun.