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Passion. Awe. Wonder. Inspiration. A Next Adventure safari delivers all of these emotions and more to our dedicated travelers. Our personally crafted itineraries are more than a trip of a lifetime; they are dream fulfilling. This family business, headed by wildlife photographer Kili McGowan, has been connecting curious travelers with personalized wildlife and wilderness experiences in Africa for over 20 years. Kili and her team tease out the nuances of the safari’s importance for each traveler and then create a customized journey with Next Adventure’s long term trusted partners. With Next Adventure, the safari is all about you: your style, your fantasy, your moment of astonishment as your dream of an African safari becomes reality. Next Adventure‚Äôs depth of knowledge, quality relationships and an expert eye for detail brings you the wildlife, the stunning environments, the diverse cultures, and the secrets of the African wilderness like no other expert can. We take safaris personally!