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More then the sites, it is the experience…
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More then the sites, it’s the experience…
Award winning Immersion Journeys was built on the foundation that every traveler experiences the destination. Each experience is heavily researched and before offering it to our clients is experienced by our team for quality and delivery. While we shy away form actively tooting our horn, we can’t help but point out that our philosophy of travel has been recognized numerous times by National Geographic Traveler, South African Tourism and the Tanzania Tourism Board

At each of our destinations we serve, the sheer variety of experiences are plentiful and varied. We ensure a personal touch for every itinerary by working individually with each of our clients, recognizing that each traveler – individual or group has a specific agenda. Our deep knowledge of the destinations plays a vital role in the delivery. For any traveler today, the choice of where to go and which travel company to use is unlimited and varied. Every travel company strives to offer their best and brightest – at Immersion Journeys we let the client be the judge of our expertise.