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Alluring Africa
Alluring Africa crafts personalized, authentic, and life-changing experiences. Allow our passionate team of private travel designers introduce you to experiences that others might miss, and create a trip you’ll never forget.
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Walking alongside gentle giants
Stargazing under pristine night skies
Canoeing past fascinating wildlife
Viewing captivating landscapes from above
Experiencing safari with the whole family

We’re passionate about helping you discover Africa — not through a basic package found in a brochure or a deal you can find online — but through crafting your very own unique experience.
This continent has us head over heels in love, and we’ll show you why, from the sweeping scenery to the delicate intricacies you might miss if you don’t look closely. Tell us what you want to see. We’ll design a voyage to satisfy your wildest travel curiosities.
We know you care deeply about your investment and your time is precious. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver a world-class experience through hand-picked partners, close relationships, and intimate knowledge of Africa. We know you seek peace of mind. That’s why we extend our supportive hands to you around the clock.
We’re here to expand the scope of what is possible when it comes to travel. We’ll help you design trips that ignite your imagination, connect you with our friends abroad, and be your Africa gurus.
If you want to get to know Africa in a way that shatters cultural stereotypes, alters perceptions, and reveals truth, let’s team up. Together we can educate others and cultivate a better world.