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Ker & Downey is a USA-based luxury travel company with a global mindset, offering experiential journeys that introduce our clients to people, places, and cultures at an intimate level. Our roots are in Africa, and our 50+ years of experience and network of connections leads to a level of access that is very hard to replicate elsewhere.
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Meet elephant families in Botswana
Watch big cats on the prowl in Tanzania
Discover the stark beauty of Namibia
Trek gorillas in Uganda at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
Authentic wildlife encounters in South Africa

Ker & Downey has a passion for sharing the globe with travelers who not only expect the very best, but want to have their lives totally transformed. Our level of customization is what sets us apart in the travel industry. We carefully select the camps and companies we choose to recommend to our clients. We consider the guides and their knowledge, the locations and the seasons, and match it all up to what the client wants to get out of the journey. The travel designers at Ker & Downey take the time to listen to their clients, learn their interests, and use our network of contacts across the globe to tailor-make every aspect of the itinerary and incorporate these interests. That level of communication behind the scenes is what makes the travel experience so personal for our clients.

Our style of travel breaks down barriers, opens minds, and dives into the true spirit of a place.  We consider ourselves stewards of this planet, and we are responsible for creating a world of difference by directly impacting conservation and philanthropic efforts in the areas we serve.

And while our roots are in Africa, our destination portfolio includes safaris to places you might not expect, like Brazil’s lush Pantanal, the national parks of India, and the Australian outback. Wherever your passion for travel takes you, there is one common thread for us all – a curiosity to see the world and learn about other places, people, and cultures. Get in touch to experience the Ker & Downey difference.