This continent of over 50 countries, thousands of ethnic groups, and the earth’s largest wildlife populations is complex and varied; designing a fine-tuned trip to Africa takes mastery and a very thick book of key contacts.

Collectively, our shared love of Africa, strong relationships with best in practice suppliers and our commitment to conservation and communities enables us to offer our clients the best access to, and execution of, remarkable safaris. We see Safari Pros as an opportunity to share knowledge, influence positive change, maintain high standards in tourism to Africa, raise awareness of conservation and assist travelers in matching with an expert safari artist.

Why is a specialist needed? Can’t I do this myself?
A safari is usually an once-in-a-lifetime trip; an experience to be treasured. Both the time and money you spend on such a holiday deserves the attention to detail of an expert. Your investment will be far more valuable when it is custom-designed specifically for you. It’s a collaborative process: clients share their travel style and interests and combine it with our guidance and suggestions, to make what is regularly referred to as “the best trip of our lives”.

Designing an excellent safari takes care and thought. A carefully crafted travel story, combining unique experiences and thoughtfully chosen camps and lodges coming together with a grand finale, is not easily done with a quick Internet search. Our personalized approach takes into account your preferences, the seasons, the destination, secret surprises, wildlife migrations and cultural calendars to develop a safari that reveals the heart and soul of a region. This skill is the result of years of traveling to these remote locations and meeting and speaking to the people on the ground and developing the capability and contacts to pull it all off without a hitch.
Do I have to break the bank to go to Africa? How do I get the best value?
We often hear that safaris are expensive. This is often the gut-reaction when looking merely at a final price tag, but when you dig deeper it reveals a fully inclusive price, eliminating that irritating feeling of being nickel-and-dimed.

When weighing up the cost in both time and money, this opportunity does not have to cost you more of either. In fact, it’s liable to cost you less because you’re liberated from the duty of trying to research everything or settling for a trip off a shelf. Leave the detail to us, and the result will be a planning process free of nagging detail and wasted time, and an end result of a carefree holiday. Your precious time is the most valuable commodity in today’s hectic world.

Our goal is best summed up as designing the best safari your budget can buy you. The trick of our trade is to spend your budget wisely. Our resourcefulness is at the core of the difference between a Safari Pro and a faceless online safari company.
What makes Safari Pros experts?
On average, Safari Pros members spend four months in Africa annually. For some, they are visiitng their homeland, for others, it’s returning to a place they’ve been travelling to since they were children. The fact is: our travels are extensive and frequent; affording us the ability to recommend properties and areas we have visited and know intimately. The result of these travels is the unearthing of hidden gems. Whether it be rising in the morning to the soft greeting of a deep African voice, or quietly walking up to a herd of buffalo with a legendary Zimbabwean guide, or seeing the sunrise cast a shadow over Namibia’s giant dunes, or sitting around the campfire under thousands of stars listening to safari lore of the decades from one of the greats. These places are compelling, and long-term friendships are often made, so we return time and again to experience it all.

As a group, more than 13,000 people travelling to Africa every year trust us, and yet no two trips are the same. We take matching you to the experience you’re looking for very seriously.
Safari Pro Expert as your travel asset
As North Americans with a deep connection to Africa we understand where you’re going and where you’re from. Africa is a long way from home, so it’s essential for you and your family to know you have someone on both sides of the ocean looking out for you.

The support of a well-established and legitimate North America-based safari company buys you serious peace of mind

gives you not only support for questions and concerns, but also security and reassurance related to liability, insurance and problem solving. Payments are also possible by credit card (vs. sending a wire transfer to another country).
How we work
We find it works best to start with an initial phone conversation to hear more about your hopes for the trip. Just the tone of voice will reveal the key elements of what you’re after. After this conversation we’ll be able to provide a brief itinerary, with a few options depending on budget and locations, including estimated costs. It’s important to know that many of the camps and lodges we recommend are small, and therefore rooms cannot be held for long. This may require quick decision-making, but with our guidance we will be able to reduce the stress and be sure you get the best trip.
What happens if something goes wrong on my trip?
Certainly a trip of this importance should be a source of excitement, and not anxiety. As expert safari advisors, we know the quirks of the destinations and are able to pre-empt many common issues by knowing the intricacies of what not and what to do. For example: never book the last flight off Zanzibar Island, be sure to carry unabridged birth certificates for your children, a connection between Nairobi and the Maasai Mara flight requires at least 5 hours…the list goes on. We know this as second nature, because we know Africa.

Should you encounter a problem on your safari, each Safari Pros member operates a dual coverage model with 24-hour traveler support both in the US and Africa. We are with you every step of the way on your journey, you just might not know it!